Best Christmas Gifts for Pond Lovers

Need some help with Christmas presents this year? Let us help make your holiday shopping easier with our pond lover’s gift guide. We’ve put together a list of some amazing and affordable pond products to buy online just in time for Christmas.

Pond LED Lights

Pond lights are perfect for illuminating your garden or ponds all year round. In the colder months when it gets darker, LED lights such as the Submersible LED Spotlights are perfect to light up your garden. However if you’re looking for something with a little more colour then check out the Solar Colour Changing Floating LEDs, plus they’re eco-friendly making then even better!

Pond Vacuums

If you’re looking to splurge on their Christmas gift this year, then a pond water vacuum is great idea. They’re ideal for cleaning the bottom of your pond of any waste or debris and keeping your water sparkling clean. Pond maintenance has never been so easy!

Pond Plant Kits

Although it might not be the season to think about adding plants to a pond, it soon will be. Think ahead with your gifts this year by purchasing them some stunning pond plants for the fast approaching spring months.
If you don’t want to buy them plants for Christmas, you could also consider getting them a variety of pond baskets for them to use for their spring planting. With a variety of shapes and sizes available, you’ll be able to find them the perfect plant basket or floating planter for their pond.

All in one filter

An All-in-One pond filter and pump is the Christmas gift of every pond keeper’s dreams! The All Pond Solutions All-in-One CUP-129 System combines everything required to run a healthy algae-free small sized pond, eliminating the need for any extra external filtrations! Designed as a single smart unit with a single power cable, it allows for a much easier installation compared to a standard pond set up. The CUP-129 includes a built-in 9w UVC Lamp and filtration system, combined with a 1000 litres per hour pump.

Need a bigger filter? Check out our full range of All In One Filters.

Small Pond Accessories

Mini must haves such as Gold label Long Pond Gloves or repair kits such as the Pond Liner Patch Kit and Pipe Repair Tape are the ideal and extremely handy stocking filler or secret Santa gift for your pond keeping friends. Plus they make pond maintenance that much easier throughout the year.

Gift Cards

Still not sure what to get your fish keeping friend this year? No worries! Why not treat them to one of our handy gift cards. Available in multiples of £5, £10, £20 & £50, it’s the perfect gift for all pond lovers!