What to Buy From AllPondSolutions This Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday is a perfect time to buy best-selling pond accessories, aquatic products, or aquarium equipment at hugely discounted prices with a wide range of offers on our most popular ranges.

The below list highlights some of the top deals available from AllPondSolutions this Black Friday. However, stocks are limited, and some lines are guaranteed to sell out, so we'd recommend acting quickly!

Aquarium Products Black Friday Sale

We have sorted our biggest discounts and best-ever sale prices into the below categories to help you jump to the relevant section.

Best-Value Fish Tank Sale Prices

Our huge selection of Fish Tanks is one of the biggest and most in-demand ranges within the AllPondSolutions catalogue.

We have introduced exceptional value deals on a range of tanks, including fish tanks for kids, as perfect Christmas gifts, and small fish tanks and nano aquariums to ensure your aquascape or marine habitat looks and performs perfectly.

Black Friday Discounts on Aquarium Filters

Alongside our fish tanks and aquariums, we have included several types of aquarium filters within our sale, with extra discounts available on the following:

Sale Prices on Aquarium Lights

No aquarium is complete without a set of LED lights for fish tanks – and choosing the best lights for your aquarium is easier than ever while Black Friday stocks remain available!

We recommend the Small Nano LED for smaller-size tanks or the PLED Tropical and Cold Water Lights for aquarium habitats in four size capacities.  


Discounted Fish Food Offers

Looking to top up your goldfish food at discounted prices, or need fish food for tropical fish with dietary requirements?

Browse our Fish Food range for discounts on multiple top-selling product ranges and brands.

Affordable Aquarium Treatments for All Fish Tanks

Finally, let’s not forget those all-important Water Treatments, with an array of additives, treatments, and testing kits available during our Black Friday event.

Black Friday Pond Product Deals

From indoor aquariums to outdoor ponds, the list below includes some of the best deals and largest discounts on pond products!

Cost-Effective Pond Lights

Light up your garden and water features throughout the winter with our fantastic Pond and Garden Lights with customisable colour lenses and long-lasting bulbs to keep your pond looking beautiful through the cold weather.

Pond Filter and Pump Kits on Sale

Filters and pumps are vital pieces of kit for every garden pond – and a must-have item if your pond needs a little TLC or could do with a replacement set-up to maintain stable water conditions.

Shop our Pond Filter and Pump Kits or All-in-One Pond Filters for a seamlessly functioning pump system at a lower-than-ever price!

Best-Selling Pond Accessories

We have selected a range of Pond Accessories for our seasonal sale event, including practical hoses and clamps ideal for high-efficiency ponds and quick, reliable repairs.

Sale Prices on Outdoor Pond Treatments

Pond treatments are essential for a healthy, thriving outdoor pond, addressing issues such as green water, sludge and bacteria build-up to keep your fish happy and pond plants growing well.

Both Pond Water Treatment and our Pond Rescue Bacteria Balls are available at Black Friday sale prices with discounts on everything from supplements and disease treatments to pond test kits.

Pre-Order Availability on Black Friday Water Features

Our elegant range of water features has proven incredibly popular and has already sold out due to extremely high demand.

However, we have included our top-selling water features in our Black Friday event for exclusive pre-orders from AllPondSolutions.

You can review our catalogue of Water Features and pre-order your new garden focal point at our discounted prices, and pick up the best water feature cleaner at the same time, with sale prices available on Water Feature Treatment while stocks last.