Best Water Features for Your Garden in the UK

Water features can bring calm, elegance and a gentle, soothing trickle of water to your garden. With an increasing range of technologically advanced water systems and classic stone water features with plug-in-and-go designs, there is a broad array of choice.

AllPondSolutions summarises some of the functionality and design aspects to help you select the best water feature to complement your garden and property.

Low Maintenance Solar Water Features

Solar Water Features are ideal if you wish to install a water feature at the end of a lawn, in a dining or deck area, or on a patio without running cabling or underground wiring to an electrical point.

Models such as the Round Stone Solar Light are a contemporary take and ideal for modern gardens or where you have pre-existing stone features and would like something low maintenance that is easy to install.

Picking a solar-powered water feature means you won’t see any uplift in your electricity costs and can enhance the ambience of your outdoor spaces without ongoing maintenance.

The best position for solar-powered fountains, features and cascading water displays is somewhere they will receive adequate sunlight to recharge the solar battery and operate flawlessly in all weather conditions.

Plug In and Go Stone Water Features

Good quality water features are easy to install and very low maintenance. Stone Water Features remain popular, with a timeless feel and subtle natural colours that fit into any planting scheme or garden layout.

The Vase Globe Water Feature is a solar-powered feature which looks and has the texture of stone, with graceful, curved lines.

How Do I Clean My Water Feature?

Water features are easy to install and low maintenance, and picking up a Water Feature Treatment will ensure you are prepared to clean your water feature as and when required. This powdered cleaner is specifically designed for outdoor use and makes it simple to clean dirty water without draining the water feature or fountain.