Best Pond Pumps & Filters During Winter

Using a pond filter and pump over the winter is a great way to ensure your pond doesn't completely ice over, keeping your fish healthy and warm. Lifting the pump nearer the surface when the weather drops stops the warmer water at the bottom from mixing with cooler surface temperatures.

Today we’ll look at the best pond pumps for winter use, with our full range of Filter and Pump Kits available to view online.

Do I Need a Pond Filter in Winter?

Ideally, yes, a pump and pond filter should run year-round, keeping up with the necessary filtration to maintain stable water conditions. It can be useful to switch the system off and clean it through if you notice a drop in performance – this is typically because of a build-up of debris.

Some of the best pond pumps and filters to cope with the demands of the winter include:

Each of these models incorporates everything you need to control algae levels and support beneficial pond conditions throughout the winter without needing extra filters or accessories.


How Much Does it Cost to Run Pond Filter and Pump Kits Over Winter?

If you are concerned about the cost of running pumps and filters year-round, we'd recommend an AquaECO model from our range, which minimises energy consumption.

Our AquaECO-12000 is super-low wattage, with a 12,000 L/H flow rate, or the AquaECO-6000 is designed for a smaller pond, with the same energy efficiency and low noise output specification.

What Features are Important in a Pond Filter and Pump Kits for Year-Round Use?

The easiest way to ensure your pump and filter is suited to your pond dimensions is to calculate the capacity of your pond based on the number of litres it can hold.

Most ponds benefit from a filter and pump that can handle up to 1.5 times that, so if you have a 9,000-litre pond, a filter that is suited up to 13,500 litres is perfect.

Our popular 1000 L/H All-In-One Pond Pump Filter UV Cup-305 is a good example, as a multi-functional single unit that pumps 1,000 litres an hour, with a fountain attachment that can keep water moving and oxygenated, without overpowering the flow and circulating cold water too quickly.

If in any doubt, you can review full product descriptions on any of our pond pump and filter units or enquire for more advice from the experts at AllPondSolutions.