AllPondSolutions AquaECO Pond Pumps!

Our new AllPondSolutions AquaECO pond pumps are high performance, low cost with high energy efficiency, here we break down the cost and performance of each model to convince you why you need to upgrade your pump today!

The Performance

The new pond pumps come in a wide range of sizes starting with the 3000 l/h model suitable for the smaller pond up to larger heavy movement 16000 l/h models (due in stock April).  These all cover a range of head heights from 2m for the 3000 l/h model all the way up to 7.3m for the 16000 l/h model.

AquaECOPump Range

The Cost

So how cheap are they to actually run? Check out the table below which compares the first 4 AquaECO to same sized pumps of one of our competitors.  You can save almost £30 a year on our midrange model with greater savings on the larger models due out in April.

Product Wattage Cost/Hour Cost/Month Competition Wattage Cost/Hour Cost/Month Savings
AquaECO-3000 10 £0.02 £14.40 30W £0.07 £50.40 £36.00
AquaECO-4500 30 £0.07 £50.40 50w £0.12 £86.40 £36.00
AquaECO-6000 40 £0.09 £64.80 65w £0.17 £122.40 £57.60
AquaECO-8000 70 £0.16 £115.20 95w £0.24 £172.80 £57.60

 *All figures are approximate as of 12/03/15 and may vary between suppliers and should not be used as a means of calculating monthly bills 


AquaECO Pump Efficiency

Know your Impellers

Few people are aware that certain pumps can come with different types of impeller.  Generally, there are 3 types of impeller, although only 2 are of concern to us in regards to ponds.  For the most part Fountain pumps and Filter, pumps work in the same way just at variable power and speeds.  The biggest difference is that fountain pumps contain bladed impellers.  These are designed (open impellers) to be able to shred up any particles in the water so that they do not clog or impede the working fountain to which they are attached.  This is different to the ‘scooped’ (semi-open) impellers often found in filter pumps.  These impellers are designed to collect all waste and push it on through to the filter for maximum efficiency – this also helps many blockages commonly found in fountain pumps.

Having a semi-open impeller also lends itself to the larger bore cage design used on these pumps and having a larger bore allows the pumps to tackle larger solids and prevent any form of blockage that may be caused by pebbles/blanketweed/sludge allowing for movement of high amounts of water even under stress.


AquaECO Pump


The AquaECO makes them great for filters improving the mechanical filtration and creating a cleaner sludge free pond in the process.  As a result of this, it makes them great for waterfall pieces, reducing the amount of fine suspended material sent through the filter (by keeping the waste matter as a whole as possible) meaning fewer silt deposits in the different levels of plunge pools within your waterfall system!  The coupling of these systems with pressurised filters means that the filter system can be almost entirely hidden with the pumps providing enough pressure to push up the height of a waterfall all the while having your filter partially submerged next to the pond!