Wildlife Ponds - Frequently Asked Questions

A wildlife pond is an increasingly popular garden statement - these ponds are natural and attract native wildlife such as frogs, dragonflies and pond skaters.

An organic pond is a dream if you'd like a graceful water feature but don't wish to keep fish, as a low-maintenance design beneficial to the natural ecosystem.

Below we've run through some of the commonly asked questions the AllPondSolutions team receives about setting up a wildlife pond.

Does a Wildlife Pond Need a Pump or a Filter?

You don't necessarily need a pump or filter if you're creating a garden pond to populate with wild species.

Many gardeners prefer to have a pump since it'll keep the water clearer and enable you to install a fountain or cascade - but pumps for an organic pond need to have wildlife protection so they don't suck up little pond life such as tadpoles.

What is the Best Depth for a Wildlife Pond?

You don't need as deep a garden pond if you aren't keeping fish, but we recommend two or three feet as a good guideline.

The best bet is to use liners for ponds and rocks to create higher areas where plants can grow and bloom on top of the water level.

Liners for ponds work well with a Pond Liner Underlay to protect the PVC Pond Liner from sharp stones and edges that could split or tear the material.

Alternatively, LDPE Pond Liners are affordable and come with a 25-year warranty.

Where Can I Place a Wildlife Pond UK?

Somewhere warm and sunny is perfect for a wildlife pond, although a bit of shade each day is the best option to avoid the water overheating.

How Healthy is a Pond Without Filter Accessories?

An organic pond can be very healthy indeed, often teeming with life! Filters are essential if you have fish (particularly if you keep several fish together) because they remove plant and waste debris.

Garden ponds work perfectly well without any filtration.

Are Wooden Raised Ponds Suitable as a Natural Garden Pond?

Raised ponds work wonderfully as nature ponds, and the higher profile is excellent for flying insects and much easier for little ones to skim and pond dip as your mini ecosystem develops!

If you don't have a grass or earth area to dig down into, we'd recommend visiting our Wooden Ponds range for plenty of alternative options.