A Guide to Fish Food and Where to Buy It Online


When it comes to your aquatic fish, there are very few factors that are more important than the food you feed them. Whether you’re an expert aquarium owner or a novice fish enthusiast, learning about fish food can help you make better-informed decisions when it comes to purchasing your fish food. In this short article, we explore what actually goes into your fish’s food, and what effect it has on them.

The Three Basic Types of Fish Food

Ultimately, although there appear to be an endless array of different types of food that you can give to your fish, there are really only three different types. The first is a flake; these are commonly used in aquariums for all different types of fish of all different sizes. The next is tablet fish food, and the last type is the pellet form. These last two are usually used in aquariums or ponds that contain bottom-feeding fish such as catfish which require their food to be on the bottom of the habitat, rather than floating on top, as a flake would do.

Buying the Right Fish Food

Now that you know that different fish prefer different types of food, it’s important that you take this information on board and buy the perfect food for your fish. This might mean that if you have a variety of bottom feeders and top feeders, you purchase a variety of different types of food so that every fish has access to what they need. If you only buy flakes, your fish at the bottom of the tank are going to go hungry.

Keeping Your Fish Healthy Through Food

Food for your fish might be expensive so it’s likely that you don’t really want to be spending a lot of money purchasing various types of food just to keep your fish healthy. Thankfully, you don’t necessarily need to supplement your fish’s diets with expensive nutrient boosters. Instead, you could simply attach a small piece of carrot or courgette to the side of your tank for a day or two and your fish will nibble away, helping to keep them both fit and healthy. Similarly, a small portion of blood or mealworm scattered into the tank twice a week will help your fish stay strong

So there have it – a guide to fish food. If you want to purchase yours online, check out our fish food section and you’ll be able to select from an extensive range of products which are bound to contain what you need.