A Fish: The Perfect Christmas Gift?

Fish are great as pets, but if you’re considering them as a gift for Christmas, then you may have to think twice. There are a few things that you should consider before you give the gift of a pet fish.

The Responsibility of a Fish

While you might think that a pet fish is relatively easy to look after, they still have to be fed, maintained and looked after properly. So if you give a fish to someone for Christmas, you need to be certain that they are willing to take on the responsibility of looking after a life.

If you’re thinking of getting a fish for your child, then you can prepare to take on most of the responsibility yourself as the fish tank will be in your home. However, if you’re planning on buying a fish for your nephew, then they may not be ready or willing to take on looking after a fish.

Can You Get What You Want?

Many people who are new to keeping fish don’t often understand that you can only put a certain number of fish per gallon of water, and certain types of fish need a certain type of environment. Read our guide to setting up your first fish tank for more information, and our guide to the best fish to have as first pets.

You should also factor in the tank itself, and any paraphernalia that might be involved, such as filter or heater. You may also want to include any gravel and decorations into your gift too.

You should never buy a fishbowl for your new fish, either as these are not good for your fish, though they are often promoted for Christmas time.

Think about where your recipient might house a fish tank too. Do they have enough room? Will they have to buy a stand?

Fishless Cycling

If you want your fish and tank to be up and running for Christmas day, then you need to start fishless cycling at around the beginning of November. Otherwise, the recipient of your gift will be disappointed when all they get to look at is an empty tank on Christmas day. Be warned – skip this bit and you will end up with ill, or even dead, fish.

Remember that when you give the gift of a fish, that you’re giving the gift of life and that you need to make sure that the animals will go to a safe and loving home