5 Fish That Make the Perfect First Pet

Starting a new aquarium is extremely fun and exciting, and getting your first fish is a moment to remember. Although some people may think that fish are an easy pet to keep, they are one of the hardest as they are sensitive and require a lot of knowledge when it comes to their care. We are here to inform you as to which fish are ideal for first-time fishkeepers so you can build your experience and knowledge before venturing into other species. 


These are hardy, yet beautiful fish, making them perfect for a first timer. They belong to the Livebearer group which means that they breed easily, and they aren’t aggressive which means they are happy in a community tank. However, other fish may be aggressive towards them, so make sure that they are happy.

Tropical Fish Guppy

Betta - Siamese Fighting Fish

Another hardy, pretty fish, Bettas are considered one of the best looking freshwater fish around. They also require very little to be happy, making them ideal for a first pet fish. They don’t need a filter or a heater, all you have to really do is change 25% of the water once a week.

Siamese Fighting Fish

Neon Tetras

Neon tetras are shoal fish, so buy eight or nine of them and give them lots of plants to hide in. They are always actively swimming, which makes them fun to watch, but they prefer lots of space, so get a big tank. Make sure that your tank is fully cycled before you add neon tetras as they do not fare well in new tanks. You can pair them with plecos as they make happy tank mates. 

Blue Tetra


Plecos are good fish to have in your tank because they feed on algae, which means that they help to clean your tank! They’re not very pretty, but they’re bottom feeders, which mean that they have a sucker type mouth, so they are fascinating for children.

Golden Bristlenose Pleco

Angel Fish

Angelfish are great as beginner fish as they come in a variety of different markings and are easy to keep. They are, however, cichlids and will, therefore, become territorial when they mature and they may start eating your tetras.

Angel Koi Fish