4 Great Features You Could Add to Your Aquarium

Here at AllPondSolutions, we might have been selling aquariums for a long time, but sometimes, we see something that puts a smile on our faces. Special aquarium features are exactly what we mean here, and although you might associate ‘features’ more with ponds, many people are adding to their aquariums to turn them from standard fish and plant habitats into feature-rich paradises.

With that in mind, we’ve scoured the internet for some of the best features around. So, if you’re thinking of turning your standard aquarium into something truly special and unique, adding the following features to your tank would be a great place to start.

Coloured and Dynamic Lighting

The lighting that you use for your tank plays a vital role in making it appear interesting and unique, and with some careful planning and research, you can really turn your aquarium’s lighting into a feature. Here at AllPondSolutions we stock a wide range of lighting products, so whether you want to use a simple tube light or you’re interested in LED fish tank lights, there’s bound to be something to suit you.

From there, you can start to look at light colour filters, or even take a DIY approach and use coloured plastic sheets to tint your lighting a particular colour. You could even use strips of different colours so that you turn the water in your tank into a rainbow of colours. As the water circulates around the tank, the colours should seem dynamic and flowing, too, which will be a cool effect.

Themed Ornaments for the Kids’ Aquarium

If your aquarium is for your kids, it could be a good idea to purchase some child-themed features for the tank. For example, we have a wide range of SpongeBob Squarepants aquarium ornaments that will help your tank to come alive with your kids’ favourite fictional characters.

This could also be a great way to establish an interest in aquariums in your children too, so these features are certainly something you should take advantage of if you want to pass on your hobby.

 A Stone Patio Aquarium

It’s more than likely that you’ve never thought of putting your aquarium outside – we certainly hadn’t until we found that outdoor aquariums are actually quite popular, it seems! Also, before you say it, an outdoor aquarium is not a pond. Essentially, outdoor aquariums are just ordinary glass aquariums, but are made more robust to enable them to combat the poor weather of the great British outdoors.

A good way to do this is by creating a stone frame for the aquarium to sit in so that it fits in more with the aesthetic of your garden. In this way, the aquarium becomes a real feature of your garden, and looks great.     

Aquarium Waterfalls

Following on from the last idea, there’s no reason why you can’t extend stereotypical pond features to your aquarium. Outdoor water features always look better when they include a fountain, as they allow the water to circulate and therefore oxygenate the water, and the falling of the water also generates noise which is extremely relaxing.

If you’ve constructed a stone frame for your aquarium, it wouldn’t be difficult to then add a second tier from which water can flow into the first. All you’ll need extra to your basic set up to achieve something like this is a pump and the extra container from which the water will pour.

So there you have it – some of the best features you can add to your aquarium. Try a few of these out on your own aquarium and you’ll have a truly special aquarium.