Waterfall and Filter Pumps

Efficient Waterfall and Filter Pumps from All Pond Solutions

If you’re looking for water filters and pumps then look no further than All Pond Solutions. Our range of cost effective pond filter pumps will help create the perfect waterfall feature for your garden display.

Whether you stock koi, goldfish or simply use your pond for ornamental purposes, one of our waterfall pumps will help circulate and filter your water to produce a healthy, clear pond.

Featured brands include All Pond Solutions, Boyu and Jebao as well as many more. Browse our impressive range of pond filtration pumps online.

Our comprehensive selection of filter pumps includes:

  • APS 8000PP
  • Aqua Craft P20100E-00
  • Jebao Dirty Water Drainage Pond Pump
1400PP L/H Pond Pump
Price: £19.98
3000PP L/H Pond Pump
Price: £34.99
4500PP L/H Pond Pump
Price: £44.99
8000 L/H Pond Pump
Price: £59.99
AquaECO-3000 L/H Pond Pump
Price: £69.98
10000 L/H Pond Pump
Price: £70.00
13000 L/H Pond Pump
Price: £74.99
AquaECO-4500 L/H Pond Pump
Price: £74.99
15000 L/H Pond Pump
Price: £79.99
AquaECO-6000 L/H Pond Pump
Price: £79.99
18000 L/H Pond Pump
Price: £85.00
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Of course, these are only a few examples of the products we offer, so browse our entire range online today. When it comes to pond filter pumps, we are the experts so, if you’re in any doubt, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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All of our fantastic range of pond filtration pumps are available online for your perusal, so shopping with us couldn’t be simpler. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we hope that you have an enjoyable shopping experience. Shop online with us today and get high quality aquarium and pond pumps delivered right to your door.