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Pond UV Steriliser / Clarifier Stainless Steel 110w

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The All Pond Solutions SSUV clarifier includes a unique internal stainless steel reflector designed to enhance the clarification provided by the 110w of UVC clarification.

With many improvements over other models the SSUV clarifier has a built in advanced thermal protection feature, which automatically shuts the unit down if in danger of overheating. Once the unit has cooled down to normal temperature it will restart and continue to operate.* 
The quartz tube design has been designed to be more sturdy within its housing, making it stronger and less susceptible to breakage with an easier, safer removal method. The quartz tube installs in such a way that the quartz rim is visible both ends, allowing you to see that both UV ballasts are operational when switched on.

Designed for large ponds the SSUV includes a one in / one out system for water delivery and exit. Included is an array of attachments to fit either flexible hose or BSP pipe fittings.

 Quartz attachment on both ends light up when operational
 Two stepped hosetails supplied for flexible hose
 Four pipe attachments supplied for BSP pipe
 Surface mounting brackets included
 Advanced thermal heat protection built-in
 Easy clip-release for bulb / quartz glass maintenance
 Suitable for marine and freshwater
 UV Bulb's Included (55w x 2)
*To avoid overheating we advise that the the unit is located in a sensible cool area rather than in direct sunlight or a hot / humid isolated area.

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