Pond Equipment

Depending on the kind of set-up you are thinking of using, you’ll need to kit your pond out with various kind of equipment. Fish and plants produce waste that needs to be removed to keep water clean, and any kind of lighting or fountain feature will need additional equipment to keep it functioning correctly.

Pond Pumps

These are used primarily to move water around your pond. It is a fundamental piece of equipment and it is needed to keep water flowing through filters and sterilisers. 



Air Pumps

Key for oxygenation, any pond which houses fish or plants will require one of these. They promote water movement, help limit algae and are essential to the health of a number of fish and plants who need an oxygen rich environment.




Removing unwanted dirt from the water, these can also cultivate helpful bacteria which will help your pond to thrive. If you need a filter for your pond, you will also need to look at investing in a pump to keep the water flowing through the unit, and, for more effective results, a UV steriliser.

Filters use media to clean the water and help to enrich it with helpful bacterial and organisms.



UV Sterilisers

Ultra violet light will cause algae and waste to clump together in large particles which can then be extracted by a filter. If you suffer from a green pond, you can achieve fast results by adding one of these units to your set up and are particularly useful in the summer months.  Steriliser units will have to be connected to a water pump, and a filter for a more complete water cleaning cycle. 




Pond Lights: There are two main types of lighting you can buy for your pond; submersible/underwater lighting, and external/garden pond lighting. Submersible lights can be arranged on the bottom of your pond.

External pond lights are for use around your garden and pond, and can be used to illuminate the whole pond area.



Fountain Kits: These are an excellent way to both aerate your pond and to turn it into a stunning feature. Easily attachable to most pumps, fountains are easy to install, and complimentary to your set-up.