Pond & Aquarium Plants

Aquascaped Fish Tank


Having a selection of plants in your aquarium or pond will add a wealth of colour and character to your set-up, as well as providing food and nutrients to the fish, and oxygenating the water.  Below are a few examples of popular choices for all water types.

Freshwater:  Elodea, marsh marigold, duckweed.

Tropical: Amazon sword, java fern, anubias.

Marine: Coral, kelp, maiden’s hair, mermaid’s fan.

When choosing your plants, it is important to know how much light they require, and if this means purchasing and installing additional lighting. Any lighting you do buy should not be on for more than 12 hours a day, as it encourages unfavourable bacteria and algae growth.  You should also be aware of a plant’s compatibility with certain fish breeds; some like surface plants to give shade and other require plants that provide a good source of oxygen. These are all factors that can alter the delicate balance of your aquarium/pond.

Caring for your plants

General inspections need to be taken out daily to ensure that all the equipment is in good, working order, that the plants look healthy and that there are no signs of algae developing. Dead material needs to be removed frequently, as they can cause a harmful imbalance to the tank as they rot and pruning should be done as frequently as once a week. These regular pruning sessions help to prevent the balance of the aquarium  or any unnecessary algae growth.