Fish for Ponds

The first step you need to take before buying anything is to think about which fish you want. Do you want Koi Carp for your pond? Is it just gold fish you’re after? Different fish have vastly different requirements, and catering for these is the key to establishing and maintaining a healthy eco-system.

Koi Carp: These are the most popular type of fish, and have around 13 different breeds to choose from. Koi generally like to be at an optimum temperature of 15 degrees C and will not do well in long periods of cold weather.

Koi Carp














Goldfish: Not just an old favorite, goldfish are a durable breed and very easy to keep. They can survive in most outdoor temperatures, and thrive best in water with a high oxygen content. 











Rudd: A surface feeding fish, this is a good choice for those who do not want a garish breed. They usually grow to a size of 35cm and are excellent for keeping the surface of the water clean.

Rudd Fish