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Fishkeeping Advice


    Fishkeeping is a wonderful hobby that has many benefits. Most of us start out with a small starter fish tank with a few freshwater fish and after time end up upgrading our tank, filtration systems and livestock species. This being said, fishkeepers will inevitably experience problems with their aquarium water or livestock at some point in their journey. 

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  2. What are Your Fish Trying to Tell You?

    We all wish we could talk to pets sometimes. What are they thinking? Are they hungry? Do they feel ill? Your fish exhibit certain natural changes and behaviours that tell us when they require attention, like changes to their aquarium water, when they are hungry, when they are mating, etc. We have put together this blog post to help you de-code what your fish are trying to say to you:

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  3. Your Guide to Keeping Tropical Shrimp

    After releasing our latest species of tropical shrimp online this week, we could not believe how fast they are being snatched up! With the success of our first shipment of shrimp, we thought we would do a blog post for all you shrimp keepers. Read about basic care, compatibility & more:

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  4. Pondkeeping Frequently Asked Questions

    With pond season coming to an end, we have rounded up some frequently asked questions that we have received over the past year.

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  5. What You Need to Know About Fluidised Bed Reactors

    A fluidised bed reactor is a great piece of equipment to add to any marine fish tank to increase biological filtration. If you are unsure as to why you may need a fluidised bed reactor filter, our blog post has everything you need to know about this beneficial aquarium addition:

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  6. 8 Pond Products You Need for the Changing Seasons


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  7. Choosing the Right Aquarium Substrate for Your Aquarium

    Substrate is an important part of setting up an aquarium fish tank. It does not just add to the aesthetic of the tank set-up, but it is an essential area for beneficial bacteria to cultivate. This week we’re exploring the different types of aquarium substrate and the different purposes that they serve:

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  8. Pond Safety and Fun for Kids

    Ponds are a great way to bring the wonders of Mother Nature to your home. Ponds are fascinating features for children and can be very educational. There are plenty of benefits of having a pond but there can also be dangers. If proper safety measures are in place, having a pond close to home can be a fun and memorable experience in your child's life.

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  9. Using the Horizon App with Your Zetlights

    We aquarium fish keepers are always looking for new ways to make our fishkeeping experience a little bit easier. With the new updated Zetlight A200 Wi-Fi controller, control your Zetlight aquarium systems directly from your mobile phone. Follow our blog to get you connected:

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  10. Stumped About Sumps?

    If you are new to keeping a marine fish tank or are looking for something new and advanced for your marine system, you may have heard about getting a sump. We know that setting up a sump and understanding all the mechanics behind these tanks can be quite complicated so we clear up the main uses and benefits in on our blog:

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