Hajiro Koi For Sale at All Pond Solutions

Hajiro koi are an ideal choice for hobbyists looking for a new addition to their pond to offset the red, yellows and metallic colours of their current fish. Their deep, glossy black bodies are flecked with white on the tips of the pectoral and tail fins.

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Why Buy Hajiro Koi Online from Us?

At All Pond Solutions we are proud to provide our customers with a wide selection of Hajiro koi fish, all sourced from the best and most reliable breeders in the world. We guarantee high grade Hajiro koi delivered straight to your door, and all of our koi carp are cared for by expertly trained livestock specialists to ensure the best health and quality when they arrive.

As the wellbeing and safe transit of all of our livestock is paramount to us, each Hajiro is visually inspected by an experienced aquatic expert before it is dispatched, before being carefully boxed and suitably insulated to ensure their optimal health whilst being transported to your home.


Need Advice About Keeping Hajiro Koi? Ask Our Experts!

Looking to buy Hajiro koi online? Our livestock specialists are always happy to make recommendations and discuss species that would be well-suited to your pond.