Koi Carp Varieties

Koi Carp Varieties For Sale at All Pond Solutions

Whether you are starting out with your first pond, or are an experienced hobbyist looking for a new addition for your garden pond, at All Pond Solutions we offer a wide selection of high quality hand selected, ethically sourced koi carp at great prices.

Looking to buy a classic variety like a Showa, Kohaku or Tancho koi? Or something more unusual like a Hajiro or Kumonryu koi? Why not add a splash of colour with Hi Utsuri or Shusui koi? Browse of our varieties of koi carp online for high grade koi carp at unbeatable prices.

Why Select Your Koi Carp Varieties from All Pond Solutions?

We are proud to provide our customers a wide selection of koi carp varieties, stocking everything from Asagi to Ai-Goromo, and Sanke to Shiro Bekko. All of our koi fish are sourced from the best and most reliable breeders in the world. All of our koi carp varieties are delivered straight to your door, and are cared for by expertly trained livestock specialists to ensure the best health and quality when they arrive.

Need Advice On Which Koi Variety to Buy? Ask Our Experts!

Not sure which type of koi carp variety to buy? Our livestock specialists are always happy to make recommendations and discuss what would be well-suited to your pond.