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High Grade Activated Carbon 500g - 8kg

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All Pond Solutions High Grade Activated Carbon Filter Media for Aquariums and Ponds - 500g - 8kg

Activated Carbon helps to eliminate unwanted organic and synthetic substances from aquarium water. Removes chlorine to soften and improve water quality, and helps cultivate healthy bacteria in your pond or aquarium. Please be aware that Active Carbon may also absorb liquid medical treatments used to treat sick fish, so we recommend removing this from your filtration system prior to treatment.

Guidelines for Use

 Before use: rinse filter media through until the water runs clear.
 When treating fish illnesses please remove Active Carbon from your filtration system.
 We recommend changing your Filter Media every 2-3 months.

 Includes mesh bag
 Box weight: 500g (on average between 400g and 500g in every bag).
 Suitable for internal or external filtration systems

 500g = 1 x 500g
 2kg = 4 x 500g
 4kg = 8 x 500g
 8kg = 16 x 500g


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