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Bio Balls Biological Filter Media up to 1000 Balls!

Bio Balls 40 - 1000 balls!

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All Pond Solutions Plastic Bio Balls - Replacement / Top-up Filter Media for the All Pond Solutions Aquarium & Pond Filter Range.

Provides a large surface area for nitro-bacteria development, and will help produce and maintain a high water-oxygen level. They will also keep the PH balance at neutral for a long time and can absorb and dissolve poisonous ions. Overall a very efficient way of improving water quality.


 Product Material Excellent for Nitro-bacteria Cultivation
 Diameter: 2.5mm / 1" inch

 Packaged: 40 = 1 x Bag of 40 Balls
 Packaged: 200 = 5 x Bagsof 40 Balls
 Packaged: 400 = 10 x Bag of 40 Balls
 Packaged: 800 = 20 x Bagsof 40 Balls
 Packaged: 1000 = 30 x Bagsof 40 Balls


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