Zetlight Aquarium LED Lighting


For those looking to upgrade their aquarium lighting, the Zetlight Lancia LED lighting system makes an excellent addition to any aquarium. Designed to fit almost any fish tank on the market, the Zetlights can even be attached to the bulb sockets on existing T5 and T8 lighting systems, enabling you to fit it inside the hood of your aquarium.

What are the benefits of Zetlight Marine Lighting?

The Zetlight Lancia marine lighting systems provide a 120° beam angle, giving an excellent quality to the emitted light, with one system providing the equivalent light of two T5 luminaries.  The system is able to fit almost any aquarium on the market, and

One of our bestselling LED aquarium lighting ranges, the Zetlight Lancia LED lighting systems have low power consumption, are more eco-friendly, safe and give the LED greater durability