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120cm T5 Fish Tank Lights Two Tubes - Black or Silver

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These overtank high output T5 lights are raised clear from the top of the tank on adjustable legs, which attach securely onto the glass side walls. The light can then be tilted back into a near vertical position to allow easy access to the aquarium when needed.

All Lights are supplied with the required bulbs, supplied as standard are 1 x Marine Blue Bulb and 1 x White 10000K Bulb - if you are looking for a tropical set up however we can supply this for you. The built in Reflectors raise the power of the light about 50% extra. All of these high output T5 lighting units are built with high quality german made T5 electronic ballasts.


 Available in black or silver.
 Choice of a marine or a tropical T5 tube setup.
 All units come complete with required bulbs.
 Every unit also comes complete with a perspex cover to protect the light and bulbs from water spray.
 Open top allows plant growth beyond the water surface
 In-built reflectors, to maximise the light output
 Adjustable mounting brackets
 Included brackets fit tank rims up to 20mm
 High quality Aluminium cover
 Brackets can be moved across the light to fit smaller tanks.

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