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Aquatlantis Easy LED Universal Lighting - Saltwater 438 - 1200mm

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The new generation Easy LED Universal lighting system is designed to be easily adjusted to any aquarium on the market.

The LED lighting is available in seven different sizes so they can be attached to the bulb sockets for any T5 or T8 system. They can also be suspended and placed on top of the aquarium, with the supplied extendable brackets.

The colour combination of the EASY LED UNIVERSAL Marine & Reef is suitable for the proper development of saltwater species.

Using one Easy LED Universal system is the equivalent of using two T5 luminaires on your fish tank. The beam has an angle of 120 degrees, high power, giving an excellent quality to the emitted light. This system has low power consumption, is more eco-friendly, safer and gives the LED greater durability.

T5 or T8 Replacement

The new EASY LED UNIVERSAL lighting was designed to replace the lighting in the conventional T5 and T8 systems. Simply remove the T5 or T8 lights from their sockets to quickly and easily fit the new LED lighting. This new system fits all traditional systems of any brand on the market: an asset if you want to equip your aquarium with the most eco-friendly lighting system ever.

Extendable brackets

EASY LED UNIVERSAL lighting has metal brackets at both ends, so that you can place them on top of your aquarium. These brackets are extendable, adapting to all aquariums, regardless of size.

Suspension steel cable

If you prefer the lighting suspended above your aquarium, you can use a stainless steel cable kit self-locking which fixes in the lamp.
(Not Included) 

Angle beam

The beam of light from the new EASY LED UNIVERSAL lighting has an angle of 120 degrees, with high power, which gives an excellent quality to the light emitted. The colour combination of this type of lighting is best for the good development of freshwater and seawater aquatic species.

Also Available

We also stock the "Easy LED Controller" unit which allows you to set automatic on/off times on your Easy LED lighting system, when the lights turn on or off they gradually dim so as to give the effect of a sunrise or sunset. Please click here to see this item.

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