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Aquatlantis Easy LED Control Timer / Dimmer PLUS Model

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The EASY LED Control device allows greater automatic control over "Easy LED" and "Easy LED Universal" lighting units.

Can be used with the following Aquatlantis lighting models;
Aquatlantis Easy LED Freshwater Lighting
Aquatlantis Easy LED Saltwater Lighting
Aquatlantis Easy LED Marine Blue Lighting

Installation of the Easy LED Controller is very easy, you simply connect the controller between  the power supply of the lighting unit and the light itself (achieved using the supplied connection adaptor).
Using the controllers display screen you can programme the times you require your lighting to switch on and off. At the scheduled time, the light units will turn on and off gradually, simulating the effect of sunrise and the sunset.

PLUS Model Improvements

This controller allows the regulation of the light intensity that you want in your aquarium. With the “DOWN” and “UP” keys, establish the light percentage more favourable for the species in your aquarium.
Light intensity regulated from 0 to 100%.


 Automatically switches your lights on and off
 Light gradually come on and go off, simulating sunrise and sunset
 Light Intensity control
 Small design, hidden very easily.
 Includes velcro attachment for attaching the controller where required.
 Connects between the power cable, not at the power source (no large unsightly power adaptor involved).

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