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Tropical / Nano Aquarium 25 Litres - Variety of Colours

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The 25 Litre Tropical Fish Tank is supplied in a choice of 5 fabulous colours and includes a 300 L/h Hang on Filtration System and bright 12v safe LED Lighting System, perfect for a tank of this size. 

The LED lighting System provided is fully directional thanks to its flexible support, which will sit nicely on the tank glass rim or frame corners (pictured)

The Hang on Filtration System is designed to fit securely on the tanks glass rim and, being external, will save precious space inside the tank. 

The Hang on system pumps water up into its filtration bay, through a Filtration Sponge and Bio Mechanical filter media and dribbles it back into your aquarium like a waterfall, which is especially good as it ensures further oxygen is added which is vital for your fish's health.


 Available in Five Colours: Black, Orange, Grey, Blue & Pink
 Bright LED Light System included - Fully Flexible
 Hang on Filtration System with Media included
 Removable Glass Lid Cover

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