Kids Fish Tanks

Fish Tanks for Kids from All Pond Solutions

Fish can be the ideal first pets for children: they’re clean, relatively inexpensive to keep and great fun to watch. All Pond Solutions wants to encourage kids to have a go at owning fish, which is why we stock a wide range of low cost children’s fish tanks in colourful designs that they’re sure to love.

Why not browse our range to find everything your child needs to get them started?

Children's Fish Tanks that are Fun and Imaginative

The bright colours and unique appearance of our kids fish tanks are sure to draw any child’s eye, and our kids aquariums incorporate creative designs to stimulate you child’s imagination. Let them choose whether to set up a cool surfing themed tank or a magical seahorse wonderland. With cling-on decals and a flexible cut-out background, they’ll enjoy setting up the tank almost as much as watching their new pets swimming around it.


My Kid's First Fish Tank: Fish Keeping Made Easy

We all know that, however committed your child is to their new pet, it will come down to you to make sure that it receives the care it needs. We think it’s only fair that if you have to play your part, we make it as easy for you as possible, so once the scene is set, the preparations are simple: easily install the filter, add water and then just drop in the included dose of Nutrafin water conditioner. Our children’s fish tanks even feature innovative lids to make feeding easy and mess-free – and we throw in the food, too! Choose from our range today and bring a smile to your child’s face.