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Fusion 101cm Aquatlantis H2O LED Fish Tank - 4 Colours

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The Fusion 101 range of Aquatlantis fish tanks is available in four different colours and comes complete with a high quality matching cabinet. 

Equipped with the LED H2O advanced lighting solution (LED ≈43W + EasyFlux 900 pump), the LED lighting is actively cooled by the passing of water across the top of the system.

The Fusion 101 is 101cm long, 60cm high and has a 243 litre total volume (188 litre capacity). This model includes the BioBox 2 filtration system, with an EasyFlux 600 water pump, an EasyKlim 200 heater and EasyBox filter media.

The Fusion aquarium cabinets come in two types defined by the thickness of the cabinet main frame, 18mm thickness and 40mm thickness.

Currently we only retail our Fusion fish tanks with the superior 40mm thickness cabinets.
(Please note: the main image of the white aquarium shows the 18mm thickness cabinet, you will receive the higher quality 40mm version with any colour purchased.) 

LED H2O lighting system 

The EASY LED H2O has a built in water cooling system which circulates water across the equipment, extending the lifetime of the LED's. An additional bonus of running water against the LED system is that the water takes advantage of the heat emitted by the LED and heats itself, reducing the demands on your heater (supplied with the included BioBox 2), saving energy. This system includes an EasyFlux 900 water pump.

The colour combination of the EASY LED Freshwater system is suitable for the proper development of freshwater species and planting.

Using one Easy LED system is the equivalent of using two T5 luminaires on your fish tank. The beam has an angle of 120 degrees, high power, giving an excellent quality to the emitted light. This system has low power consumption, is more eco-friendly, safer and gives the LED greater durability. 

BIOBOX 2 filtration system
The Fusion 101 includes a BioBox 2 filtration system, suitable for aquariums up to 250 litres which, thanks to its EasyBox filtering cartridge system, has excellent biological, mechanical and chemical filtration capacity. Ensures thorough cleaning of the aquarium water, eliminating waste pollutants that can be harmful to fish and plants. The BioBox 2 includes an EasyFlux 600 filter pump, an EasyKlim 200 heater and four EasyBox refills, in size S and L. The maintenance of the filtration system is extremely simple and safe.

The EasyBox Fiber L is highly effective as a pre-filter, capturing the smaller polluting particles. 
The EasyBox Coarse Foam L brings about intense decomposition of pollutants, ensuring clean and purified water. 
The EasyBox Aquaclay S is a natural product with a porous surface that brings about excellent conditions for the colonisation of bacteria. 
EasyBox Activated Carbon S removes organic waste dissolved in the water, bad smells and toxins through chemical absorption. 
All Tecatlantis refills have an extremely effective filter action.

Hood and Cabinet Design 

Fitting into the modern lines of the new range, the profile of all Fusion models is of aluminum, a great quality material that gives greater durability to the structure of the tank.
The doors of the Fusion cabinets are equipped with a discrete convenient "push to open" system.
The fixtures placed on top of the tank have a sliding system that allows them to be positioned at the ends, leaving a wide open space for easy access to the interior of the tank. The hood and lighting system can be fully removed from the top of the fish tank for bigger maintenance tasks.


 Built with high quality float glass
 BioBox 2 Aquarium internal filter included
 Easy Klim 200 heater included
 H2O LED lighting system (Fixed in hood - removable)
 Hood feeding flap
 Easy to remove hood
 40mm thick superior quality cabinet
 Available in 4 colours - Black, White, Beech and Mahogany

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