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Undergravel Tank Filter for Aquariums 34" x 12" UF-24P

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This system is designed to fit tanks around 90cm length by 30cm length (34" - 12") . Due to the 24 piece plate system, you can use this kit with smaller tanks (having spare plates for future use) or even add a further kit for even larger aquarium fish tanks. It is also suitable for use in almost any shaped tank, due to the versitility of the plates.


 The undergravel filter is a biological aquarium filter and makes your gravel act as your filtration medium.
 24 x undergravel filter plates - 5.5 inch x 2.75 inch.
 2 x uplift tubes.
 2 x air tubes and 2 x small air stones

How does an undergravel filtration system work?

 The plates assembled together sit under the gravel. The uplift tubes connect to the plates and rise up to the water surface.
 The system is then run using either a traditional air pump or power-head water pump. (not included)
 The entire gravel bed becomes a filter medium for hosting the bacteria needed to breakdown fish waste making it act as a biological filter.
 Depending on the type of fish you are keeping, uplift tubes can be fitted with simple air stones that provide slower water current, or power-head water pumps that provide a strong current.

Model: UF-24P

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