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700l/h Internal Filter with 9w UV 700IF+

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All Pond Solutions 700IF+ Internal Filter with built in UV steriliser.

This 700L/H Internal Aquarium filter is suitable for fresh or salt water aquarium tanks up to 150 Litres.
Built in 9w UV steriliser provides water clarity and kills off algae, bacteria, micro-organisms and parasites which may cause fish diseases.

Includes replaceable filter foam housed in an easy access area of the system, making maintenance and cleaning simple and hassle free.


 700 litres per hour filtration
 9w UV built into system
 Fully submersible filtration pump
 Venturi effect: As water is pumped back into the tank, it can also be aerated by a venturi pipe.
 Directional water flow outlet
 UV On / Off light indicator - easy detection of UV bulb fault / failure
 UV On / Off switch on front of body
 Replaceable filter sponge included 
 Suctions caps provided for attaching to the inside of your tank.

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