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EF External Filter Booster Supplimentary Canister 1.2L

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Increase your external filtration capability by adding our supplemental EF Filter Booster to your existing set-up!

Designed for use with All Pond Solutions 1000L/H and 1400L/H EF/EF+ external filter models, the All Pond Solutions Filter Booster is also compatible with other branded filters and will fit 14-16mm size hose.

Each booster has a handy 1.2 litre capacity and is fitted with 3-stage filtration fine, medium and coarse foams.
Each outlet has a tap shut-off for easy maintenance.

The EF Filter Booster can also be used as a standalone filter, with the addition of a suitable pump*.


Easy to install
Increases external filtration capacity
Suitable for use as standalone filter
Suitable for freshwater, tropical and marine use
Supplied with fine, medium and coarse foam

Product supplied in white canister - transparency for illustrative purposes only.
To prime successfully please ensure canister and connective pipework is filled with water prior to initial use.

*Recommended for use with aquarium pumps with 800-1600L/H output

If you are using 16mm hosing, the tap will fit without further adjustments.

In order to fit smaller size hosing (14mm), adjust the tap as follows:

1.) Image 1 below depicts the tap from the box with additional adjustment piece.

2.) Unscrew top fitting as seen in image 2 below.

3.) Remove top fitting and store with aquarium equipment spare parts in case of future use.

4.) Unscrew longer nozzle.

5.) Remove the piece unscrewed in step 4; this will expose the o-ring.

6.) Use the smaller adjustment piece to fit the smaller hosing size.


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