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Aquarium External Filter EF-150 400 L/H

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This efficient All Pond Solutions 400L/h EF-150 external aquarium filter system utilises a multi-stage approach to filtration and is suitable for aquariums up to 150L.
Filtering aquarium tank water through three coarse filter foams of different grades, a filter floss pad and bio balls it provides thorough biological and mechanical filtration.

Designed to be positioned outside of your tank the EF-150 draws water into the filter through an inlet tube and returns crystal clear water via an outlet tube (both supplied).
The outlet tube is fitted with a spray-bar to help increase oxygen aeration levels within your tank.

Maintaining the filter is very simple. The drip-free shut-off tap allows you to remove the filter and transport it away from your aquarium fish tank to an area more suitable for cleaning.

 EF-150 Instruction Manual


 Suitable for freshwater aquarium tanks
 Suitable for tanks up to 150 Litres
 Built in pump aids priming of filter
 Drip-free shut-off tap for easy cleaning
 Layered coarse filter foams x 3
 Filter floss pad x 1
 Bio balls x 25 (approx)

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