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Aquarium External Filter 1400 L/H + 9W UV

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This 1400EF+ External aquarium filter with built in UV system from 'All Pond Solutions' uses a multi-stage approach to filtration and filters your tank water through a number of distinct filter materials that are separated into different layered baskets to provide biological, mechanical and chemical filtration to your aquarium fish tank.

These filters work on the same principle as internal powerhead filters, but are positioned outside the tank and draw water into the filter through an inlet tube and return the water via an outlet tube. The outlet tube is fitted with a spray bar to increase aeration within your tank. These type of external filters avoid the need for an unsightly filter inside the tank and the media capacity is much larger than internal filters and they are therefore suitable for much larger tanks.

By filtering your tank using the provided filter media you will see a much improved level of waste-free water, strong biological purification and active control of your water characteristics. Thanks to the filters layered basket system and ease of access it is very simple to customise your media choices to suit your aquarium and live stock needs.

The built in UV sterilizer exposes passing water to lethal doses of ultraviolet light, killing, sterilizing or otherwise irreparably damaging many micro-organisms. Your fish tank water is pumped slowly past the UV light which is sealed inside a quartz glass sleeve which is designed to allow the maximum amount of UV to pass through the water.

Filter maintenance is very easy as the units drip free shut off tap allows you to move the filter away from your aquarium fish tank to another area more suitable for cleaning. Each filter media basket lifts easily out of the unit and can be easily rinsed over a sink or likewise and returned back to the aquarium filter unit to continue its operation.

1400EF+ PDF Operation Manual Download


 Suitable for fresh & salt water aquarium tanks
 Suitable for tanks up to 600 Litres
 Self priming unit, filter fully self primes after simple setup
 Drip free shut off tap for easy cleaning
 UV bulb on/ off switch provides independent control from filter operation
 9w UV bulb included
 Three filter media basket compartments for layered filtering
 Included filter media; Bio balls, Ceramic rings, Activated carbon and three fine filter floss foams

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