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Marine Sump Return Pump AquaFlo-V+ 7500-15000L/H

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The All Pond Solutions AquaFlo-V+ variable flow rate water pump is designed to be ultra-quiet for submerged pump applications, perfect for use as a marine sump water return pump.
The pump can also stand vertically which is ideal for sumps with small space as the pumps footprint is very small.

Smart impeller cut out technology is included within the design of the AquaFlo-V+ pump to ensure that the pump avoids running out of water which could cause damage to the pump. This technology senses when the water level is too low and will cut out, only allowing the operation to restart once the correct water level is present.

Included with the AquaFlo-V+ is a wall mountable controller capable of varying the water flow rate at 10 different speeds from 7500 up to 15000 litres per hour.
The controller also has features including feed mode (turns the pump off for 10 minutes during feeding time) and a lock mode that will avoid unnecessary button presses which change your settings by mistake.

The eco-friendly low wattage settings automatically adjust to the water output rate, starting at 37w, up to a maximum wattage use of 180w at the highest water flow (15000l/h).

 All Pond Solutions AquaFlo-V+ Product Instruction Manual (UK, FR, DE, ES, IT) 


- 10 Speed Controller - 7500-15000l/h.

- High performance innovative motor for highly eco friendly low wattage

- Soft start technology - slowly builds up speed when switched on

- Ultra quiet

- AquaFlo-V can be positioned vertically for smaller foot print sumps.

- Controller now incorporates electronic detection of error conditions and visual warnings.

- Electronic detection of no water enables automatic power off protection

- Feed Mode, (disables pump for 10 minutes)

- Lock Mode, (avoids accidental setting changes)

- Can be used in Marine and Freshwater applications

- Long operation life is achieved by the use of wear resistant ceramic shafts

- Instruction manual in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

- Free 2 year warranty.

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