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Aquarium Planting products / Co2 products and replacements

If you want to grow healthy plants in a freshwater aquarium fish tank it is important that you allow photosynthesis to occur. By feeding the plants carbon dioxide, they are able to convert this into oxygen which in turn makes for healthy water for your fish. Aquarium plants get carbon almost exclusively from carbon dioxide (CO2) which allows them to live and grow.

We stock a variety of products for planted fish tanks and aquarium co2 systems. Whether you need planted aquarium substrate or fertiliser for your fish tank plants or any replacements for your co2 aquarium kit, we have high quality products from top brands.   

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Our selection of Co2/ Planting products includes the following:

  • CO2 Replacement Kits in 20g and 95g

  • Replacement CO2 pressure regulator

  • Replacement indicator liquid

  • CO2 ceramic diffuser disks

  • Specialised plant fertiliser

  • And much more!

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