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480L/H Aquarium Air Pump - S-1800 DC Backup

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S-1800 aquarium air pump with built in DC power backup.
The pump can run under two operations, either by plugging the unit into the mains or running using the internal battery.
Ideally the system is used plugged into the mains and with the internal battery as a backup due to power cuts etc.

During normal AC operation the power to the systme is constant.
When using with the internal battery you have three modes:
 Low power
 Standard power
 Discontinuous power (gives small bursts every few seconds to conserve power)

This air pump is ideally suited to supplying air pressure to under gravel and box filters, air stones and protein skimmers which use ceramic air stones. It is easily adjustable, with a control to alter the magnetic circuit on top of the pump. Both long lasting and efficient.

 Internal battery backup
 Long life and low frequency for continuous use within your aquarium tank
 Output is 4 Litres per minute per output, giving a maximum of 480L/H
 Locate Unit above Water Level to Prevent Water Flowing Backwards (or fit with a non-return valve)

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