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Spider Wood Roots Planted Tank Natural Driftwood Feature

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Spider Wood Roots - Perfect for aquascaping aquariums, vivariums and terrariums

Spider wood is a water azalea from Asia, besides being a naturally beautiful wood this kind of root is safe, naturally found in water and free of unwanted tannins which will discolour your water.
A perfect natural aquarium decoration with its intricate roots and characteristic branches that give a web like appearance the Spider root is excellent for aquascaping and growing aquatic plants on.

You will need to weigh the Spider wood down for approx 2-4 weeks, this allows it to become water logged and sink on its own.


 Great for tying plants
 Natural hiding places for tank inhabitants
 Will not discolour your water
 Unique intricate root wood

We have available two different sizes, medium or large.
Please see below for the approximate dimensions of each.

Unfortunately there is no way to sell specific pieces as this would be very time consuming.

 Dimensions (approx):
Length: 30cm - 45cm
Height: 18cm - 25cm

 Dimensions (approx):
Length: 45cm - 60cm
Height: 20cm - 30cm 
The larger pieces tend to be simply longer in length with a similar kind of height to the medium pieces.


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